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Pokémon (English: ), also known as Pocket Monsters in Japan, is a series of video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company as part of the Pokémon media franchise. Created by Satoshi Tajiri with assistance from Ken Sugimori, the first games released in 1996 in Japan for the Game Boy, and the main series of role-playing video games (RPGs), also referred as the "core series" by their developers, have continued on each generation of Nintendo's handhelds.

John mentioned, "Pokémon Sword and Shield is the worst game I have played since Batman returns on sega genius. I feel bad for the friend I am selling this dumpster fire to for 25 bucks later tomorrow. as one of the best players in the world, I will not be playing another second of this dumpster fire. AlMost threw up in the first hour just from pop in alone, yes it is that bad. Lol try chain hunting, barf. My advice if you are going to suffer thru this pile of trash, hold a direction and just run, as hard and fast as you can from point A to point B. Or you will bare witness to the worst looking N64 game made in 2019. As it pops to life before your very eyes. Lol the pop in is more animated than any new asset they made. Lol bouncing then doing swivel turn is not animation. You do not head butt with your feet... also, do not pick swoble. It will get wrecked in the weather, is a first for no ice beam coverage for a water starter, oh and has a pointless special move and or anything in the end, totally forgetsble. If it wasn’t for his dynamax, lol get ready to stare at the most Phalic looking feet and hands and well, his thrusted hips. Because all you will see is D and F ( f can be feet or fingers, d is just d) so yea, thank you game freak for ruining megas so I can look at E rated James Bond looking lizards D fingers.

If you are a fan of good video games. Do not buy.

It was made for 8 and under and it shows. Kids even 9-12 would look at this pile of trash and say ok zoomer.

To the person who thinks the map is huge, lol you're four hours in, you don’t know the entire top HALF of the map is just three buildings for one hallway of a town. This is one of the smallest Pokemon experiences I can remember. Some routes are so short I didn’t even know I was on one until it forced me to watch that dumb loading screen. Oh and you should openly hate this game for at the very least the bs load screen that is blasted into your brain every few steps you take. Yea, lol huge map, more like huge missed opportunity. Smallest game since x and y easily. And a dumpster fire pop in nightmare wild area that is devoid of life unless it is exploding literally right next to you shouldn’t count for the sake of volume and content. Routes are hallways and the back ground around said hallways is the real game you wish you could explore, yet your avatar is mentally handicapped and can’t climb over a simple ledge, let alone one he /she is three to four times taller than. Better to just make the character model speed run in place while we drift down this wall. If this was a college fan made project, it would be cool, for a freshmen art project. This is game freak, the most money anything, this can not get a passing grade.

That team yell city, I’m never playing again and don’t care to look up the name of it, is by far the best example of just how lazy game freak really was making this pile of trash. Anyone who rates this game above a one is not a real fan of Pokemon. What we just got force fed was the exact opposite of what red and blue were about."


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ArchDruidCahdla says

"While the pkmn games are certainly flawed in many ways, the truly terrible aspect of pkmn is the competitive scene: 1) The Random Number Generator (RNG) results in any move under 100% accuracy missing more often than not in my experience, I have had a move with 95% miss 5 times in a row & have had opponents use moves with a 20% chance to flinch successfully flinch my mon 8 times in a row & this is all without factoring critical hits. Any game with this much randomness should not have a competitive scene, it almost completely eliminates skill & you will often win or lose by the grace of lady luck. 2) The Abuse of the Switching Mechanic: Players will constantly switch their mons to take advantage of immunities & abilities like Flash Fire/Volt Absorb, this then forces you to switch, and then they will switch & so on & so forth. This results in a lackluster, boring & frustrating game. It also makes set-up stat boosting moves like Swords Dance & Calm Mind & even Rain Dance/Sunny Day somewhat pointless because you will just end up switching anyway. Now before you think that you can take advantage of this with Entry Hazard Moves like Sticky Web & Stealth Rock; DON\'T BOTHER. Every competitive team has a Defog or Rapid Spin User that will remove ALL the entry hazards as well as mons with items (Heavy Duty Boots) or Abilities (Magic Guard) that ignore Entry Hazards, making them effectively worthless. There are mons with abilities that prevent switching (like Shadow Tag & Arena Trap) but you shouldn\'t have to built an entire team around these mons just to make sure you opponent doesn\'t abuse switching. Switching out mons is also unique to competitive pkmn, other competitive games like Yugioh or Magic require you to use another card (a resource) to bounce a monster back to you hand/Deck, you can\'t just unsummon it in those games as that would remove any consequences for putting it on the board. 3) Not all Mons are Made Equal: This is the most heartbreaking aspect of pkmn, the fact that not all pkmn have the same stat totals. This is understandable in the case of legends but for normal mons, this is absolutely devastating & it is why if you use that god awful Pokemon Showdown Website you will see the same 20 mons over & over again depending on the format, because they have the best stats & the best strategies. If you don\'t use them, you will lose 90% of the time & 10% of the time you will win because RNG. This is not only devastating for the competitive scene as it creates a stale gaming experience BUT it is also antithetical to the core message of the anime; that all pkmn are equal & what really matters is the trainer\'s skill & their bond. If this were true, then all final evoltution mons would have the same stat total, for example, say all final evolution mons had 500 stat totals but were just organized & divided among the stats differently with some having high speed & attack/sp.atk & others having higher bulk. But unfortunately Game Freak decided instead to make 3/4 of all final evolution pkmn worthless for most competitive formats, which again is antithetical to the message of the anime. Game Freak\'s current system ACTIVELY prevents people from using their favorites & being competitive. All those mons need a serious update. 4) The preceding three examples do not even cover the aggressive toxicity of the competitive community & the rampant online harassment that will drive away newer players. This is especially upsetting when you realize that it is primarily grown-ass men in their 20s & 30s bullying 6-12 year olds for making novice plays & actively discouraging them from playing at best (using phrases like \"git gewd scrub\" & \"kill urself loser\") OR at worst, threatening these children (& each other) with rape & murder. And then they wonder why no one wants to play with them... All in all the base pkmn games most certainly have their flaws as other people on this page have expertly pointed out, but those expert critiques of the flaws of the games (the new ones in particular) do not quite cover the fundamental flaws of pokemon battling & how those flaws create a hostile environment for newer players or players that just want to have fun with their favorites. Competitive pkmn is one of the saddest things you will ever experience & I would personally avoid it at all costs, it will just destroy the love you once had for the franchise."

AreK says

"Overpriced games which always lacks content. They didn't even include all former Pokemon. Their most recent Pokemon games can be completed in less than 4 days. Remember Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Silver? They were able to make much better games over 10 years ago when the company was much smaller. Nintendo is one of the biggest companies in the world, but their games gets smaller and smaller."

Sayless Gang says

"This is unreal. I saved up a lot of money just to get the console for this game and I ended up being disappointed. Since it was a brand new pokémon game I thought the storyline would've been longer than ever... but this game took 2 DAYS to complete! And let's not mention the battles, even the pokémon league, this game was WAY too easy to complete because I never lost a single battle because it's literally telling you which pokémon to use. I don't know maybe the next pokémon game will be better maybe .."

Elizabeth Spina says

"It honestly saddens me to write this because I’ve been a Pokemon fan since I was a kid. I literally purchased the Nintendo Switch with the sole purpose of playing the newest Pokémon game. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations. Where do I even begin? The storyline, although lengthy — I was able to get through in a matter of days. The battles weren’t challenging by any definition. I didn’t lose a single battle for the entire game. The difficulty level seemed like it was geared toward children under the age of 10, but the dialogue Was surprisingly advanced. Above all else, my biggest issue with this game was the camera angles. I was hoping for more of an open world style, but instead it was highly restricting, and the camera doesn’t allow the player to look around - so to speak (unless you’re in the designated “wild area”). It came across as lazy development. At times your character will have to be walking toward you, blindly. You can’t see where you’re going because the camera doesn’t allow you to turn around? It’s super bizarre and counterintuitive. They probably should have made it an arial view instead. My next bone to pick is that the new Pokémon species and their names are not very Pokemon-esque. Their names are too obvious, and they’re often holding props/weapons or even wearing clothes? For example, the new generation grass Pokémon’s 3rd evolution literally comes with a drum kit and drum sticks. The fire rabbit Pokémon’s 3rd evolved form is standing upright like a person, wearing pants? Again, this just comes across as lazy and uncreative. The only positive thing I will say about this game is that the graphics were very decent, and the dialogue writing was well done. All in all, this game was a major disappointment however, and certainly NOT worth $100."

Big Jim says

"Thanks to the worthless scammers who run this waste of a web page domain, i have just re-morgaged my bleeping house to acquire Shiny Gyrados and apparently its been "lost in transport", best believe if i dont get a REFUND imma go John Wick on yo asssss, This has been ya boi, see you soon vultures"

NQ says

"The online game is offline half the time for maintenance and the customer support service is poor beyond belief. If they do get back to you, they do not answer your question but instead write random sentences about Pokemon."

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